couples sleeping apart

Même les français sont traverses séparées…

Mais ouis… I feel so….. continental. Even the French are in favour of the right to sleep apart when it suits and is needed for good health. Grab a croissant and long black (and maybe Google translate) to find out what those most sophisticated French folk are thinking. Au revoir and avoir un sommeil de […]

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All we are saying… is give sleep a chance… (all together now)

I recently found myself among a group of about 30 people I hadn’t met before, but was a guest of, at a two-day conference. This conference was being held at a location where all attendees were away from home. Attending pre-dinner drinks on the second night in the room of one of the delegates, talk

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On keeping oneself ‘fresh’….

So it turns out that the Queen and Prince Phillip aren’t the only royals who have outed themselves as separate sleepers. Princess Michael of Kent recently disclosed in an interview with The Sunday Times how sleeping separately from her husband keeps them ‘fresher for each other’. (Unfortunately one has to subscribe to The Sunday Times

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How to stay thin AND look beautiful…

How to stay thin AND look beautiful… I know you might think this is a scam, a headline meant to draw you in with no benefit in the end – but dear reader you are wrong. This is (in Australian parlance) ‘fair dinkum’ – or for the non Australians – above board and real. I

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Take that Tim Lott !!

I am quite sure Tim Lott woke nervously yesterday morning knowing that this weekend’s edition of QWeekend magazine would contain letters to the editor about his article on 24 August. (See post below) Oh yes….. he needed to be nervous. He needed to be shaking in his little journalist boots. Because this tenacious, separate sleeping

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“But it’s not a marriage.”

So says Tim Lott. Tim Lott – Relationship Expert….. nott!! Tim Lott has given his view on what constitutes (or not) a marriage in both The Guardian in the UK (8 June, 2013) and then the QWeekend magazine, part of Saturday’s local rag here in Brisbane, The Courier Mail (24-25 August, 2013). (Unfortunately no link

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