#WorldSleepDay – how are you going to celebrate?

A 2016 article (yes, that long ago) title “Unless You’re Oprah, ‘Be Yourself’ Is Terrible Advice” made its way to my browser’s favourites bar and continues to draw me back for another read every few months. When reflecting on why I am drawn back to the article, I think it’s because the main theme is […]

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The bigger picture…

I recently had a chat with Bev Short, Vitality Coach and Menopause Specialist from New Zealand, on her YouTube channel. Bev’s focus is to work with women over 40 around the world to transform their health, energy, menopause symptoms and happiness. One of Bev’s key messages for her clients is to get good sleep. Unsurprisingly

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Snoring: A cause for combat… or concern?

Readers of my blog or book would be very familiar with the fact that a snoring spouse (and sorry guys, but it’s predominantly you) is the number one cause that disrupts a partner’s sleep. The most frustrating aspect of snoring is that it’s never intentional; it’s not a choice the snorer makes, and unfortunately… none

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Sexy, separate sleeping…

Many thanks to Katelyn Swallow from Women’s Health and Fitness for writing such a balanced, interesting and informative article about separate sleeping. While I appreciate all publicity and discussion around the topic, most media tend to approach the topic as a curiosity; a ‘weird’ thing some couples do. Also, the predominant images in the media

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Is 2017 your year for a Clean Sleep Revolution?

I know I’m leaving it a little late to be talking about new year’s resolutions, but I figure there may still be folk out there furiously planning their goals and change plans for 2017. So……. if you are still struggling to articulate a new and fabulous YOU for the 365s of 2017, I have a

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Practically fantastic…

For the contemporary and health conscious couple who have everything, I came across this great article in Builder – a building and design site. Titled “Who Needs Sleep? Everyone.” it provides a fantastic solution for anyone building a house and planning ahead for the high likelihood that as a couple in future, you may need

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