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Separate sleeping is always in the news, all over the world. As with all core human functions, there is always interest in the 'hows and whys' of other people's sleep arrangements. Humans just can't stop being interested in how other humans lead their lives. It's our innate need to normalise that drives this. Choosing to sleep separately or having it chosen for you generates discussion from the sleepers themselves, or from observers of the choice/behaviour. Below are links to stories, articles, opinion pieces, blog posts, discussion threads, videos, and other interesting titbits about separate sleeping.


The Argument for Separate Beds    AskMen (Canada) Twin Beds or Separate Bedrooms Are Okay for Married Couples    About Relationships (USA) Sleeping In Separate Beds    AskMen (Canada)

February 2018

Are you suffering from 'sleep debt'? Six simple ways to make sure you get quality shut-eye    Independent (Ireland), 23 February

A sleep divorce could save your marriage    Global News (Canada), 22 February

Can Sleeping In Separate Beds Be Good For Your Relationship?    APost, 15 February

Is There Love In Sharing A Bed Or Sleeping Apart?    The Sleep Council (UK), 7 February

10 myths that could be causing your restless nights    Express (UK), 6 February

January 2018

Sleeping in separate bedrooms: Marriage saver or intimacy killer?   Starts at 60 (Aus), 30 January

8 Reasons to Sleep Separately From Your Partner    Beliefnet (USA), 27 January

December 2017

Couples who sleep apart stay together    Daily Telegraph (Aus), 30 December

Prince Charles and Camilla’s surprising sleeping arrangements revealed    Yahoo (Aus), 29 December

Could three marital bedrooms be the secret to a happy marriage?    Telegraph (UK), 28 December

The Best Sex Takeaways From 2017    Mindbodygreen (USA), 26 December

November 2017

4 Major Benefits of Sleeping in a Different Bed Than Your Significant Other    PopSugar (USA), 30 November

Couples & Problems in Bed    The Good Men Project (USA), 24 November

How Separate Bedrooms Saved My Sleep. And My Relationship.    HuffPost (USA), 21 November

Separate Beds: Victorian Values Or A Lifeline To The Exhausted?    Reviews by Kathy (USA), 16 November

Why Sleeping Separately  Could Help You Save Your Marriage    She is Fierce (USA), 14 November

October 2017

Some couples sleep in separate beds, and there are a few reasons why    Star 96.7 (USA), 17 October

Why so many married couples are sleeping in separate beds    Outdo News (USA), 16 October

How Does Bert Tell His Girlfriend He Needs Space?    The Bert Show (USA), 16 October

Slacker and Steve - Sleeping in Separate Beds   Alice 105.9 (USA), 15 October

Are you one of those couples who no longer share a bed? You're not alone    Daily Telegraph (UK) (Article reproduced extensively, so one source provided) 14 October

Can Sleeping in Separate Beds Actually Be Good for Your Relationship?    NBC (USA), 10 October

“My husband and I sleep in separate beds… is it normal?”    The Indus Parent (India), 7 October

Living Apart Together: The Sleep Trick That Could Save Your Marriage    Mind Body Green (USA), 5 October

Is Sleeping In Separate Beds Better For Your Health?    b98.7 (USA), 3 October

September 2017

Could a “Sleep Divorce” Save Your Marriage?    Fatherly (US), 27 September

Sleeping in separate beds? Chronic Sleep Deprivation driving HALF the nation apart    Express (UK), 26 September

August 2017

These Pet Peeves Are Driving Couples To Sleep In Separate Beds    Bravo (USA), 29 August (see 'Bedroom Pet Peeves' below (6 July) for original article and more information)

Is Sleeping Separately Better For Some Relationships? 5 Common Reasons That Drive Couples Do It     Bustle (USA), 25 August Why do we think it's so strange for couples to sleep separately?    Sydney Morning Herald (Aus) 14 August

You won’t believe how sleeping together or apart can affect your health, relationship    The Kitabwala News (India) 11 August

Why I Stopped Sleeping With the Love of My Life    GQ (USA) 11 August

“My Husband and I Sleep in Different Bedrooms”    A Cup of Jo (USA) 8 August

'We're in separate beds!' Nova host Michael 'Wippa' Wipfli reveals he sleeps in a different room to his wife Lisa but spending 'ten minutes a day' cuddling is the secret to their successful marriage    Daily Mail (Australia) 2 August

There Are Psychological Benefits To Sleeping In A Separate Bed From Your Spouse    Bravo TV (USA) 2 August 7 Relationship Benefits of Sleeping in Separate Beds    MSN Lifestyle (Aus) 2 August

July 2017

Why Married Couples Should Sleep in Separate Beds    WebsFeed (USA) 31 July

21 Couples Reveal Why They Sleep In Separate Beds    Pizza Bottle (USA) 31 July

7 Relationship Benefits of Sleeping in Separate Beds    Woman's Day (USA), 31 July

Is sleeping apart good for your relationship?    speedwealthy (aggregator page) 27 July

More couples are sleeping in separate beds, even different bedrooms    Topix (USA) 26 July

Talking Point: Separate beds may save your marriage as well as your sanity    The Mercury (Aus) 15 July

Can sleeping in separate beds save a marriage?    Talking Lifestyle (Aus) 13 July

How sleeping apart can save your marriage    Herald Sun (Aus) 12 July

Sleeping in Separate Beds    What to Expect (forum discussion) (USA) 10 July

Bedroom Pet Peeves    Mattress Inquirer (USA), 6 July

June 2017

Column: Advice for couples sleeping in separate bedrooms    Chicago Tribune (USA) 28 June

Is It Better to Sleep Together or Separately?    Exploring your mind (USA) 27 June

Your Bed or Mine? The Struggle of Sleeping Apart (Part 1)    Psych Bytes (USA) 27 June

Your Bed or Mine? The Struggle of Sleeping Apart (Part 2)  Psych Bytes (USA) 27 June

Married Couples who Sleep in Separate Bedrooms because of Snoring – What can be done?    Snoring Mouthpiece Guide (USA) 27 June

Why Married People Should Better Sleep Apart    WNews 27 June

Roe: On Sleeping in Different Beds, and Parental Search Histories    Dublin Inquirer (Ireland) 21 June

How my Husband and I came to Sleep in Separate Beds    Pinterest 14 June

Why My Husband and I Happily Sleep in Separate Beds    Alternet (USA) 12 June

May 2017

5 ways how sleeping apart can actually work wonders for your relationship    Oodnari (India) 31 May

Can’t sleep? Try this…    Bel Marra Health (USA), 25 May

Anyone sleep in separate beds/rooms?    babycenter community [forum] (USA), 25 May

Is is better to sleep apart?    Yours (UK), 23 May Is Sleeping Apart Bad for Your Relationship?    WebMD (US), 17 May

More And More Couples Are Building Separate Master Bedrooms In Their Homes    Bravo (USA), 9 May

Are married couples who don’t sleep in the same bed in trouble?    All the Moms (USA), 3 May

The Sleeping Apart Debacle    Go Wow Living (USA) 2 May

April 2017

Perchance to dream    The Australian (Aus), 29 April

Snoring Forces Two In Five Couples To Sleep Apart    Pulse2 (UK), 24 April

The Family Home: 1 bed or 2? For couples, that can be big question    The Columbus Dispatch (USA), 23 April

This couple is very much in love. That’s why they sleep separately.    Your Health Problems and Solutions (USA), 18 April

Sleeping in separate beds – relationship alarm bell or good for your sex life?    Metro (UK), 5 April

Expert Says Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms Can Help a Marriage    790KABC Radio (USA), 4 April

Is Sleeping Apart From Your Partner Such A Bad Thing?    The View (USA), 4 April

March 2017

Why so many married couples are sleeping in separate beds    USA Today (USA), 30 March

This Is the Hottest New Amenity in Luxury Homes    Architectural Digest (USA), 27 March

More Couples Sleep in Separate Beds    The Chosunilbo (Korea), 25 March

Should Couples Sleep in Separate Rooms?    Bubbles and Beebots (USA), 23 March

Sleeping In Separate Beds: Is it OK or Is Your Relationship Dead?    Bravo (USA), 23 March

Relationship expert weighs in on claims Donald and Melania Trump sleep in separate beds: It's not necessarily a bad thing    Independent (UK), 23 March

February 2017

Can sleeping apart help your relationship?    News2read (USS), 26 February

Savage Love Letter of the Day: Being A Couple & Sleeping in Separate Beds Is Cool, Too    The Stranger (USA), 24 February

January 2017

Sleeping In Separate Beds can Save Your Relationship     City People (Nigeria), 24 January

'We are currently sleeping in separate beds': Today's Sylvia Jeffreys reveals bedroom secrets with fiance Peter Stefanovic    Daily Mail (Australia), 20 January

Six reasons why sleeping in separate beds can be a good idea    True Viral News (USA), 20 January

Nova host Wippa says he and wife Lisa sleep in separate bedrooms    news.com.au (Australia), 19 January

December 2016

Is it Normal for a Married Couple to Sleep in Separate Beds?    onehowto.com (USA) 30 December

Twin Beds Make a Comeback    Telegram.com (USA) 18 December

November 2016

These 13 Happy Couples Sleep In Separate Beds. Here’s Why    HuffPost (Aus), 23 November

Sharing A Bed With Your Partner Could Be Bad For Your Health    Huffington Post (Canada), 17 November

A case for sleeping in separate beds    Destiny Magazine (South Africa), 14 November

Why you SHOULDN'T sleep in the same bed as your partner: How co-sleeping can ruin your looks, mood and even career    Daily Mail (Australia), 13 November

From snoring to arguments: Four reasons British couples sleep apart    Newsline (UK), 3 November

Separate beds for one in ten couples: Snoring is named as the main reason partners sleep in different rooms    Daily Mail (UK), 3 November

One in ten co-habiting couples don't share a bed, new research reveals    Daily Record (UK), 2 November

October 2016

Can a couple survive if they sleep in separate beds?    ABC (Aus), 13 October Sleeping in Separate Beds    The Rose Relationship Learning Centre (US), 1 October

September 2016

Can Sleeping In Separate Beds Keep Your Relationship Alive? Em Rusciano Thinks So    Hit107 (Aus), 26 September

Seven Year Switch couple Tim and Jackie sleeping in SEPARATE beds as life with a newborn causes 'stress' and 'arguments'    Daily Mail (UK), 26 September

It's Okay To Sleep Apart    Huffington Post (Aus), 21 September

Pillow talk: Stars lift the lid on bedroom secrets    New Zealand Herald (NZ), 4 September

Sleeping apart – a good idea?    Country Wives (UK), 3 September

August 2016

Who Needs Sleep? Everyone.    Builder (US), 31 August

Too Much Work And Not Enough Sleep? Improve Your Sleep With These 4 Tips    Huffington Post (AUS), 23 August

Sleeping in the same bed as your husband could be hurting your marriage    Family Share (US), 19 August

Separate beds: the loss of intimacy, or a good night’s sleep?    The Star (UK), 3 August

Could separate beds improve your marriage? If he's a night owl and you’re an early bird, it may be time to kick him out    Daily Mail (UK), 1 August

July 2016

Couples Sleeping In Separate Beds: Experts say it can help bring partners "closer"    Click On Detroit (US), 31 July

11 Common Pieces Of Relationship Advice You Should Ignore    Bustle (US), 23 July

A Case For Separate Beds – The Snoring Solution That Spiced Up My Marriage    Sleep-eazy.com (US), 18 July

June 2016

Lady Friday On Keeping Things Hot After Moving In    Rescu.com (USA), 24 June

How Sleeping Separately Never Affected Scott And Kourtney    Hypun.com (USA), 23 June

Why do one in five married couples sleep in separate bedrooms?    Female First (UK), 17 June

Sleeping together or apart? It can greatly affect your health, relationship    mid.day (UK), 17 June

Occasionally Sleeping Apart From Your Partner Can Strengthen Your Relationship    Spirit Science (unknown origin), 17 June

6 Reasons Why My Boyfriend and I Love Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms    Yahoo.com (USA), 7 June

May 2016

Let’s talk about sex with Dr Gabrielle Morrissey: Is it normal to sleep in separate beds?    The Advertiser (Aus), 29 May

Together forever in comfortable separation    itsallbuki (Nigeria), 28 May

April 2016

Here's Why These Couples Are Sleeping Separately To Save Their Marriages    Answers/NBC (USA), 12 April

Partners And Sleep: When Your Patterns Just Don't Match Up    HuffPost (Australia), 6 April

March 2016

How the smugness of Women's Day drives me insane (read towards the end of the article for the sleeping separately reference - worth the read)    Daily Mail (UK) 9 March Sleeping in Separate Beds    Voices in the Family (US), 7 March

Heterosexual couples sleeping in separate rooms    DS Forums (UK), 5 March

We're Married..... But Sleeping Apart    BuzzIssues, 3 March

February 2016

Snooki Explains How to Make "Sexy Time" Work Even Though She and Jionni Sleep in Separate Beds    Cosmopolitan (US), 26 February

‘Women Like Cuddling More Than Men,' And 6 Other Couple's Sleeping Myths You Needed To Stop Believing Yesterday    HuffPost Sleep and Wellness (US), 22 February

More Couples Are Sleeping in Separate Beds    Classic Rock 96.1 (US), 11 February

More U.S. Couples Are Choosing To Sleep In Separate Beds    Must Stay Fit - referencing the Today show (USA), 8 February

Why Sleeping in Separate Beds Made My Marriage Stronger    Huffington Post Lifestyle (UK), 7 February

Separate bedrooms for couples a rising trend    Fox 4 News (US), 4 February

January 2016

Sleeping Apart May Improve Your Relationship    The Means and the Motive (Canada), 21 January

5 Reasons Why Sleeping Apart Can Actually Be Good For Your Relationship    Bustle (USA), 21 January

Separate Bedrooms!    The Glow (USA), 9 January

The Pros and Cons of Sharing a Bed with a Significant Other, Pets, or Children    Iowa Public Radio (USA), 5 January (good general chat; discussion about separate sleeping at about 28:00 mins)

December 2015

Is Sleeping In Separate Beds The Answer To The High Divorce Rate?    Inquisitr (USA), 6 December

November 2015

Honey, I love you…but we need separate beds    Ozy (USA), 27 November

Happy couples, separate beds: Finding joy in sleeping apart    The Witchita Eagle (USA), 22 November

Stay apart to stay together?    The Asian Age (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, London), 19 November

Sleeping apart from your partner could save your relationship    The Motherish (Australia), 19 November

More Couples Now Choose to Sleep in Separate Beds, Report Says    Fox News Insider (USA), 15 November

Couples find rest in slumbering separately    The Columbus Dispatch (USA), 13 November Not Sleeping With Your Partner Is Still a Taboo, But It Doesn't Mean Your Relationship's Doomed    Jezebel (USA), 12 November Erotica author is boring in the bedroom - and she likes it that way    New York Post (USA), 12 November

October 2015

The Night Divorce     The Globe and Mail (Canada), 23 October

Happy couples, separate beds: The joy of sleeping apart    The Chicago Tribune (USA), 20 October

Wife prefers sleeping separately    Detroit Free Press (USA), 15 October

Wayne and Wanda: When sleeping in the same bed grows tiresome    Alaska Dispatch News (Alaska), 7 October

Forum Discussion    Baby Centre (UK), 6 October

September 2015

Our marriage is stronger because we sleep apart    MSN Lifestyle (New Zealand), 29 September

Why Sleeping in Separate Beds Can Be Good for Your Relationship    CheatSheet (USA), 24 September

Why a ‘snore room’ is on the wish list for high-end house hunters    Domain (Australia), 22 September

Snoring spouse? Sleeping in separate rooms could help your marriage    Fox8 (USA), 4 September

How making your husband sleep in a 'snore room' can save your marriage: Elizabeth McKinstry on the joys of separate rooms    Daily Mail (UK) 2 September

August 2015

The rise of the snoring room: Homes for the wealthy now come with separate his and hers bedrooms as one in six couples now sleep apart    Daily Mail (UK) 31 August

Marital myths    Jamaica Observer (Jamaica), 2 August

July 2015

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and may be the secret to a happy marriage    Post City Toronto (Canada), 28 July

Every Couple Is Sleeping In Separate Rooms, and None of Them Are Admitting It    Washingtonian (USA), 5 July

June 2015

Separate Schedules, Separate Lives, Separate Beds    GPS of Life (USA), 30 June To cuddle or not to cuddle? The pros and cons of ‘sleep divorces’    Fox (USA), 26 June Snooze-Deprived Couples Rest Easy After 'Sleep Divorce'    NBC News (USA), 25 June

My Husband and I Sleep in Separate Rooms    Goodhousekeeping (USA), 16 June

Love in the Age of Snoring    The Washingtonian (go to page 76) (USA), July

May 2015

The Surprising Habit That Could Be Keeping Couples Together    Cloverdesain (USA), 26 May 6 popular relationship rules you should totally ignore    Pulse (Nigeria), 22 May

Kim & Kanye - Separate Rooms    Dish Nation (USA), 18 May

A Successful Marriage Doesn't Necessarily Require Sleeping In The Same Bed    Huffington Post (The Third Metric) (USA), 18 May

Separate Beds Or Even A Separate Bedroom? Are They Good For A Relationship?    Over 50s Senior Forum (USA), 17 May How Sleeping Apart could Save Your Relationship     Herald Sun (Australia), 15 May A rational defense of sleeping alone    The Atlantic (USA), 14 May From snoring to duvet-hogs - 7 ways to stop your bed becoming a battle zone    BT.com (UK), 11 May

Sleeping In Separate Beds    Happy Life and Style by Paola (USA), 9 May

More couples are opting to sleep apart     Worcester News (UK), 6 May

April 2015

Have You Considered a ‘Sleep Divorce’?    Psychology Today (USA), 25 April

‘Sleep Divorce’ a trend where loving couples sleep in separate beds    NewsFix (USA), 23 April

Separate Beds    Texas Fishing Forum (US) (Can I just say I love that this topic is on a fishing forum!!), 21 April Should couples sleep in separate beds?  HowStuffWorks (USA), 18 April

March 2015

How To Share A Bed With Someone Without Wanting To Axe Murder Them    The Debrief (UK), 26 March

Should married couples always sleep in the same bed?    Yahoo Health (USA), 21 March

Study Finds That Sleeping in Separate Beds May Improve Relationships…    iGroove Radio (Nigeria), 7 March

sleeping in separate bedrooms (forum discussion)    INTJ Forum, 7 March Sleeping in Separate Rooms (forum discussion)    Cafe Mom (USA), 2 March

February 2015

Sleeping apart may mean trouble for couples    The Tribune (USA), 24 February

The Ultimate Guide to Sleeping Positions for Couples    Bustle (USA), 12 February

Do Happier Couples Sleep In Separate Beds?    Body Confidential (UK), 10 February

One third of all couples have this problem in bed    Las Vegas Review Journal (USA), 5 February

7 Sleeping Tips From A Long-Term Couple, Because The Last Thing Your Love Life Needs Is A Fight About Snoring    Bustle (USA), 3 February

Separate sleeping Q&A    Whisper (Island of St Helena), 3 February

January 2015

Advice Goddess (go to second question)    City Pulse (USA), 21 January Secrets of a happy marriage? Sleeping naked, spending time apart and arguing    Eve Woman's World (Kenya), 7 January

December 2014

Sleep Better, Feel Better    Mountain View Voice (USA), 31 December How to Keep Snoring From Hurting Your Relationship  Huffington Post (USA), 20 December 2014 Las parejas son más felices si duermen en camas separadas (The couples are happier if they sleep in separate beds)    Telemetro.com (Spain), 1 December Será que os homens e as mulheres não foram feitos para dormir juntos? (Do men and women were not meant to sleep together?)  Activa (Portugal), 1 December

November 2014

Upside of Breaking Up: You’ll Sleep Better Alone    NYMag The Cut (USA), 24 November Snoring is a feminist issue    HuffPost Lifestyle (UK), 24 November

Sleeping in Separate Beds: Could It Be Better For Your Relationship?    Divine Caroline (USA), 23 November

Sleeping in Separate Beds    babycentre (Australian blog), 21 November The tribulations and benefits of sharing a bed    (radio interview transcript) Radio Times (USA), 19 November Happily united' in separate rooms: Why my husband and I sleep apart    NBC Today Health (USA) ,  13 November

Why Japanese couples prefer to sleep separate?    IroMegame (Japan), 13 November

Why more couples are sleeping in separate beds    Build Direct (USA), 12 November

Couples Sleeping in Different Bedrooms Don't Necessarily Have Marital Issues — They Might Just Like To Sleep    Bustle (USA), 4 November

October 2014

How Separate Beds Are The Key To A Happy Relationship For Many Couples    Huffington Post (USA), 20 October

Sleeping Apart May Be Benefit to Health and Relationship    Extra (Costa Rica), 18 October

Sleep Apart and Have a Better Sex Life     Huffpost (Canada), 15 October

Bared: The secrets of nuptial bliss    Bangalore Mirror (India), 13 October

September 2014

Is It Normal to Sleep in Separate Beds?    Olanola, 28 September

Should spouses sleep in separate beds in order to get better rest?    Answer Mug, 28 September

Here's Why Couples Shouldn't Be Sleeping In Bed Together    Guff (USA), 28 September

Nine ways sharing a bed can ruin your sleep    News.com.au (Australia), 25 September

I’m awake. Why aren’t you?    The Australian, 22 September

I'll take the spare room    MSN Lifestyle (USA), 15 September Couples on Different Sleep Schedules Can Expect Conflict—and Adapt    Wall Street Journal (USA), 9 September

Sleeping Separately    Breakfast Television, Calgary (Canada), 8 September

Should you and your partner sleep in separate beds?    DadBlog (UK), 5 September

Why Sleeping Separately is Better for My Marriage    voiceBoks (USA),  2 September

August 2014

Does sleeping apart make for a happier relationship?    103.1 Virgin Radio, Winnipeg (Canada), 26 August

Sleeping alone has some surprising upsides    The New Daily (Australia), 26 August

Is Sleeping Apart Good for Your Relationship?    The Daily Beast (USA), 20 August

Bør dere få egne rom? (Should you get separate rooms?)    abc nyheter (Norway), 2 August

July 2014

Let's not spend the night together: How sleeping apart could improve your relationship    Daily Mail (UK), 27 July

Dear Mona, How Many Couples Sleep in Separate Beds?    FiveThirtyEight (USA), 25 July

The Beauty Of Not Sleeping Together    Refinery29 (USA), 2 July

June 2014

3 Reasons why we sleep apart    Slumber Cloud Blog (USA), 25 June Why we sleep together    SBS (Australia), 16 June

Rowan Pelling's sex column: Must my new man share my bed?    Daily Mail (UK), 9 June

May 2014

Sleeping in separate beds can be a dream for couples    silive.com (USA), 13 May The Benefits of Sleeping Apart from Your Significant Other    Huffington Post (USA), 13 May

George James - Married but sleeping in separate beds   NBC10 News (USA), 7 May

Quick Tip: Sleep Separately……Really?    Human Design for Success (USA), 7 May

April 2014

How important is sharing a bed?    The New Zealand Herald (NZ), 18 April

March 2014

Sleeping in Separate Rooms is Paradise    The Telegraph (UK)  5 March

February 2014

Can Sleeping Apart Help Your Relationship?    ABC News (USA), 14 February

January 2014

Do Happy Couples Ever Sleep in Separate Bedrooms?    Women's Health (USA) 31 January

Married But Sleeping Apart to ‘Protect Each Other’s Solitude’    ABC News (USA), 28 January

How Sleeping Apart Could Keep Your Marriage Together    HuffPost Weddings (USA) 28 January

Sleeping separately saved my marriage    CNN (USA), 21 January

December 2013

3 bonnes raisons de faire chambre à part (3 good reasons for separate rooms)    Terra Feminia (France) 6 December

One couple, two beds – Why do so many Japanese spouses sleep separately?    Rocket News 24 (Japan), 5 December

Tú en tu cama y yo en la mía (You in your bed and I in mine)    Entorno Intelligente (Spain), 3 December

November 2013

Are Separate Bedrooms the New Black?    HuffPost Healthy Living (USA), 24 November

Din partner kan ødelægge din nattesøvn (Your partner can ruin your sleep)   nordjyske (Denmark), 22 November

Key To Happy Marriage: Separate Beds?    KMPH Fox26 radio station (USA), 21 November Is It Healthier To Sleep Apart From Your Loved One?    HuffPost Healthy Living (USA) 6 November 2013

Sleeping Together or Apart: What's Healthier? (Video)    News.com.au (Australia), 5 November

October 2013

Laugh and the World Laughs With You, Snore and You Sleep Alone    HuffPost Post 50 (USA) 21 October

Sleeping in separate beds will perk up your sex life with your husband! Yes, it really DOES work    Daily Mail (UK), 17 October

September 2013

Are you heading for a sleep divorce?    The Oz Blog (USA), 19 September

Why are couples sleeping apart?    Good To Know (UK), 3 September

August 2013

Separate Beds: Couples Sleeping Apart Get Better Sleep [STUDY]    International Science Times, 9 August

Sleep Study Reveals That 30-40 Percent Of Couples Sleep Apart    HuffPost Weddings (USA) 7 August

July 2013

Have You Considered a 'Sleep Divorce'?    HuffPost Healthy Living (USA)  2 July

May 2013

Sleep and Couples: For Better or Worse, Day AND Night?    ABC News (USA), 20 May

January 2013

My partner and I stopped sharing a bed after having kids: why I love sleeping alone    Offbeat Home and Life (USA), 28 January

Is sleeping apart good for couples? (Poll)    Air Talk (USA), 25 January

I’m an early bird, he’s a night owl. No one’s getting any sleep. What do we do?    Globe and Mail (Canada), 22 January

August 2012

Separate beds are liberating    Salon (USA), 14 August

January 2012

Couples Sleeping Separately: Why Separate Beds Can Save Your Relationship    HuffPost Living (Canada), 18 January

November 2011

How Happy Is Your Home? 5 Tips To Sleeping Apart    HuffPost Healthy Living (USA) 17 November

September 2011

Sleep Deprivation: Why More Couples Are Spending The Night Apart    HuffPost Living (Canada), 22 September

Sharing a life — but not a bed    Chicago Tribune (US), 8 September

August 2010

Could sleeping apart perk up your love life? More couples are opting for separate bedrooms - with surprising results    Daily Mail (UK), 25 August

July 2010

Modern Couples, Separate Beds    Jezebel (USA), 26 July Married, but Sleeping Alone    New York Times (USA), 23 July

September 2009

Expert says sleeping separately secret to wedded bliss    Daily Telegraph (Australia), 10 September

Bed sharing 'bad for your health'    BBC News (UK), 9 September

March 2007

To Have, Hold and Cherish, Until Bedtime    New York Times (USA), 11 March

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