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Sleeping Separately….. an intelligent Trump card

You would need to be living under a rock at the moment to miss the news that Donald and Melania Trump don’t share a bedroom. I can’t tell you the sheer volume of Google Alerts I’ve been inundated with since US Weekly broke the earth-shattering news. My responses cycled between mild interesting, to ‘meh….’, to […]

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Practically fantastic…

For the contemporary and health conscious couple who have everything, I came across this great article in Builder – a building and design site. Titled “Who Needs Sleep? Everyone.” it provides a fantastic solution for anyone building a house and planning ahead for the high likelihood that as a couple in future, you may need

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Liking the new “I Do”…..

What is a traditional relationship? It’s a question I have immersed myself in since my husband and I took those first steps (in different directions) to separate rooms in 2005. As a result, for the last 11 years I’ve been challenging people to prioritise health over the ‘tradition’ of sharing a bed each night with

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The Comfort of Connection….

I’ve written before (The BIGger Picture) about that as humans, we have an innate drive to be accepted. Most of us like to feel ‘normal’. We like to know that our choices are within a range that does not raise social alarm bells in those from who seek approval – consciously, or subconsciously. All animals

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By George….

Those who know me well, know of my great love for George Clooney. I know that I am but one of likely millions of women who still cannot, after many years, stop swooning waves crashing over me when ever his handsome face appears in any media. Who cannot just adore this man? Not sure about

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Let’s talk about sleep baby…

“Let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be….” (Minor apologies to Salt-N-Peppa) While a commitment at 48 mins and 57 secs this discussion on Radio Times  this discussion delves well into some familiar themes of the separate sleeping debate.

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Looks like reality is indeed keeping up with the Kardashians….. and our friendly Yeezus – Kanye West. If one is to believe a certain weekly goss mag in Australia (Woman’s Day), it turns out that reality royals, Kim and Kanye can’t slip between the sheets each night because of snoring issues….. just like us MERE

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Take that Tim Lott !!

I am quite sure Tim Lott woke nervously yesterday morning knowing that this weekend’s edition of QWeekend magazine would contain letters to the editor about his article on 24 August. (See post below) Oh yes….. he needed to be nervous. He needed to be shaking in his little journalist boots. Because this tenacious, separate sleeping

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