Sleeping Separately….. an intelligent Trump card

You would need to be living under a rock at the moment to miss the news that Donald and Melania Trump don’t share a bedroom.

I can’t tell you the sheer volume of Google Alerts I’ve been inundated with since US Weekly broke the earth-shattering news.

My responses cycled between mild interesting, to ‘meh….’, to ‘so what?’, through to ‘yeah…. there is no way I would share one second in a bed with that man!’ – but that’s for all sorts of different reasons (mainly driven by how much I can’t stand the tangerine buffoon).

My immediate question was “Hasn’t ANYONE watched House of Cards?” Frank and Claire Underwood heading to rooms across the corridor every night from about Season 3 and there wasn’t an issue, so why is this creating such a ruckus?

Without letting any deeply held political biases, or personal physical preferences, influence my judgement – I find NOTHING surprising in hearing that the partner of a person holding such an important position would choose to sleep separately. It’s also not a secret that The Donald only needs four hours sleep each night (that’s a whole other post) so why should Melania sacrifice her right to sleep by sharing his bed and being at the mercy of when he chooses to sleep or not.

I felt a little sad that Melania denied the reports – but really…. I can’t say I bought the denial. I couldn’t find any reports where Melania spoke of how much they enjoyed sharing a bed, or how her and The Donald loved to ‘spoon’ each other to sleep, and share intimate moments reflecting on their respective days.

A few years ago I wrote a post called It’s a no brainer. Needless to say……… I think the Trump’s situation fits that paradigm quite neatly.

HE doesn’t need much sleep each night.

HE holds a position that means his sleep is probably going to be regularly disrupted

HE is likely a most uncompromising person – all evidence to support my assertion

SHE is probably a normal person who likes a decent night’s sleep every night, without compromising this right by sharing a most disruptive partner. (I have no direct evidence – but I’d wager a hefty sum on my guess)


The reality of the whole kerfuffle is…… WHO CARES?? That’s the main point!

If your best trump card leads you to a healthful night’s sleep every night – play it.



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