Take that Tim Lott !!

I am quite sure Tim Lott woke nervously yesterday morning knowing that this weekend’s edition of QWeekend magazine would contain letters to the editor about his article on 24 August. (See post below)

Oh yes….. he needed to be nervous. He needed to be shaking in his little journalist boots.

Because this tenacious, separate sleeping warrior, wrote a KILLER letter that was destined for publication. And yesterday, that letter walked proudly into its destiny – head high, words a-blazin’, striking a killer blow to nay-sayer Lott, up there in that northern hemisphere of his, safely away from my finger that I dream of pointing and wagging at him. (I hope he realises how close he came to being mightily chastised)

Without further ado, take your seat and prepare to join me in a good, old-fashioned, telling off.

Letter-to-the-editor(Click to make larger if you are like me and the words are just that little bit too teensy)

PLEASE NOTE the subtly highlighted ‘Name & Address withheld’ at the end of the second letter to the editor in response to Mr Lott’s judgement piece.

Couldn’t have made the point any clearer myself. Thirty years married, happily sleeping separately and embarrassed to share their name!

Thanks Tim – for helping to keep people ashamed of a personal, sensible, practical decision that helps them function as both individuals and a couple.

I hope you are happy…….. NOTT !!!

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