How to stay thin AND look beautiful…

How to stay thin AND look beautiful…

I know you might think this is a scam, a headline meant to draw you in with no benefit in the end – but dear reader you are wrong.

This is (in Australian parlance) ‘fair dinkum’ – or for the non Australians – above board and real.

I have written before about the undisputed fact that if you aren’t getting enough sleep at night (because, ummmm…. maybe your partner is keeping you awake – just saying) then you are at risk of gaining weight. It’s a well document FACT and linked to crazy hormone imbalances making you crave sugar and carbs.

I am now THRILLED to let you know that some clever scientists in Sweden have discovered that…..


Yes. It’s true.

Click below to read it for yourself.

If you are more scientifically inclined, click here to read an abstract of the published article.

So if you are heading off to share a bed with someone who is going to keep you awake for some or all of the night, you can justify avoiding the pain by telling them that you are sleeping separately so you can be more attractive.

Everyone wins!

Now you gorgeous beast – get off to and have yourself a great night’s sleep!

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