Feeling like you’re alone…..

If you visit my site regularly, or have just stumbled on it while searching the web to see if there’s just a chance that someone else in the world might happen to want to sleep separately from their partner, I thought I would bring a page to your attention.

The reason I do this is to remind you, or make you aware for the first time, that in doing, or wanting to – you are not the only person who wants to sleep separately from their partner.

When my interest grew in separate sleeping and I launched this website, I started tracking stories about the practice (I was significantly aided when I discovered Google Alerts – thank you Google).

I created a page to track stories about separate sleeping. Since starting the page about four years ago, I have found:

238 stories (on the web) about separate sleeping

  • 135 are from the United States of America
  • 33 are from the UK
  • 26 are from Australia
  • 12 are from Canada
  • 5 are from New Zealand
  • 4 are from Japan
  • 4 are from Nigeria
  • 3 are from India
  • 2 are from Spain
  • 2 are from Alaska
  • 1 is from Jamaica
  • 1 is from Costa Rica
  • 1 is from Portugal
  • 1 is from Kenya
  • 1 is from Island of St Helena
  • 1 is from Ireland
  • 1 is from Norway
  • 1 is from Korea
  • 1 is from South Africa
  • 4 are from origin unknown

While my net scouring uncovered an article from March 2007, and articles were scant in 2007-2012/13, there has been at least one story in the news about separate sleeping since July 2013!!

BUT…….. I can in no way warrant that I have found EVERY story that exists on the web – as foreign language stories don’t pop all that often in my english language-based Google Alerts – and I can’t guarantee that my searching is meticulous – it’s just quite dogged.

AND…. I don’t put every single story I find, just the ones that I think are of interest and are relevant to my messages.

SO….. if you are feeling alone in your pursuit of finding a quiet, comfy, and restful place to lay your head at night (be it every night or just some) that doesn’t involve your partner – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

FINALLY…. get a tasty beverage, a comfy place to sit, and click HERE to go to the News & Links page on my site.

Image used in post found on https://www.thearchiveislimited.com/anne-lise-coste-you-are-not-alone-2014-silkscreen-print/

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