Sexy, separate sleeping…

Many thanks to Katelyn Swallow from Women’s Health and Fitness for writing such a balanced, interesting and informative article about separate sleeping.

While I appreciate all publicity and discussion around the topic, most media tend to approach the topic as a curiosity; a ‘weird’ thing some couples do. Also, the predominant images in the media are those of distressed couples lying in bed – one asleep and snoring and the other awake and angry.

Katelyn’s article had two pictures of young, sexy couples in intimate poses, and in bed. These images are the reality for so many couples who balance a healthy intimacy with a practical approach to prioritising sleep.

Women’s Health and Fitness – Katelyn Swallow

The article, titled ‘Snooze for two’ is in February’s edition of Women’s Health and Fitness, and if you live in Australia, may I suggest you go buy yourself a copy – or buy a copy for a tired friend who maybe needs to re-think their sleeping arrangements.

Or check out the article here.

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