On keeping oneself ‘fresh’….

So it turns out that the Queen and Prince Phillip aren’t the only royals who have outed themselves as separate sleepers.

Princess Michael of Kent recently disclosed in an interview with The Sunday Times how sleeping separately from her husband keeps them ‘fresher for each other’.

The ‘fresh’ couple.

(Unfortunately one has to subscribe to The Sunday Times to read the full interview but can look at the poor people’s version in The Daily Mail).

One does oneder if HRH Elizabeth passed on the separate sleeping ‘tip’ to Princess Michael – maybe while sharing a cup of tea and a cucumber sandwich. This is how the conversation would go I suggest….

“Seriously Princess Michael one should sleep separately from one’s husband if one wants to keep the romance alive. Phillip and I have a right royal romp whenever we visit each other’s room. After a session in his chambers, I feel like singing ‘Rule Britannia’ all day long”.

It’s probably true. The picture above is pretty close to evidence.

There is much historical evidence that does tell us that Royals have enjoyed the benefits and pleasures of separate chambers for many centuries.

Let’s face it. Royals are a wealthy bunch. They have ENORMOUS houses and they are pampered enough to make sure that no-one is going to be interfering with their right to a good night’s sleep. No pesky snoring King, or bedclothes stealing Queen is going to stop them from a-slumbering.

So….. good readers. I say to you, is it not time to step up and be royal yourself? Doesn’t one deserve to not only be fresh for one’s partner, but have one’s partner be fresh for one also?

Of course one does.

And if anyone gives you grief for one’s decision, pop an email to HRH Lizzie and I’m sure she’ll have one’s back. One wouldn’t want one’s loyal subjects suffering unnecessarily so.

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