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Practically fantastic…

For the contemporary and health conscious couple who have everything, I came across this great article in Builder – a building and design site. Titled “Who Needs Sleep? Everyone.” it provides a fantastic solution for anyone building a house and planning ahead for the high likelihood that as a couple in future, you may need […]

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Just chatting about Apartners in Montreal…..

So when I was in Montreal a couple of weeks ago, I just happened to bump into Sharon Hyman, the fabulous film maker who is in pre-production for her next documentary Apartners. Well, truth be told, I didn’t just bump into Sharon. We arranged to catch up while I happened to be holidaying in Montreal

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Is being an Apartner something you should consider….?

I have flagged before the lovely Sharon Hyman, Canadian documentary maker, all round great chick, and massive advocate for doing relationships the way they work for YOU – not for the rest of the world’s judgmental glare and opinion. The sassy and spirited Ms Hyman! Sharon has written a great piece for Psychology Today and

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#snoring #nosleep #divorce #forreal….

I know! I was kind of surprised to, but it turns out there has been a case where a woman has asked for a divorce because her husband snored so much, she’d had enough. Of even greater interest about this case, is that is happened in 1951. It just sounds like something a flighty, 21st

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Liking the new “I Do”…..

What is a traditional relationship? It’s a question I have immersed myself in since my husband and I took those first steps (in different directions) to separate rooms in 2005. As a result, for the last 11 years I’ve been challenging people to prioritise health over the ‘tradition’ of sharing a bed each night with

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Voices unite…..

Having been in the space of non-traditional couple behaviour for a few years, I’ve noticed an increase in a broader discussion around couples making choices about how they manage their relationship. While we’ve grown to socially sanction couples who: live together without being married have children together without being married are of the same gender,

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The Comfort of Connection….

I’ve written before (The BIGger Picture) about that as humans, we have an innate drive to be accepted. Most of us like to feel ‘normal’. We like to know that our choices are within a range that does not raise social alarm bells in those from who seek approval – consciously, or subconsciously. All animals

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