Is being an Apartner something you should consider….?

I have flagged before the lovely Sharon Hyman, Canadian documentary maker, all round great chick, and massive advocate for doing relationships the way they work for YOU – not for the rest of the world’s judgmental glare and opinion.

Sharon HymanThe sassy and spirited Ms Hyman!

Sharon has written a great piece for Psychology Today and it’s worth sharing.

While I advocate separate rooms for couples who struggle to share a bed at night, Sharon’s message is that sometimes you actually need to live separately. This is not an unusual practice – similarly with separate sleeping – but again, there is a raft of judgement associated with the choice.

I like to think Sharon is saying “kiss my a**” in her picture when it comes to society judging couples who are in love-filled, committed relationships, but find their lives are better when they live separately.

But I think Sharon might be a little more demure and have better manners than I do.

Do yourself a favour and Click HERE to read Apartners Live Happily Ever After – in Places of Their Own



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