Just chatting about Apartners in Montreal…..

So when I was in Montreal a couple of weeks ago, I just happened to bump into Sharon Hyman, the fabulous film maker who is in pre-production for her next documentary Apartners.

Apartners montage

Well, truth be told, I didn’t just bump into Sharon. We arranged to catch up while I happened to be holidaying in Montreal so she could interview me and my husband Fraser for the documentary she starts filming in the Northern Fall.

Fraser and I had a fantastic afternoon chatting with Sharon about our experience as separate sleepers. Personally, I am thrilled to be included in such an important and ground breaking film. The concept of partners choosing a relationship that works for them (and doesn’t necessarily fit in to current social norms) is gaining momentum. While my personal passion is to advocate for those couples who need to head to separate rooms to keep their relationship on track, Sharon’s message is that sometimes, couples need to head to separate abodes to find the lifestyle that suits them.

And just like I’m not alone in my need for a bedroom of my own, Sharon’s need to find her space in a separate house is shared by many, many couples. She recently had an article published widely across Canadian print media – click below to check it out.

Sharon Hyman article

I’m very excited about having a voice in Sharon’s project. I think collectively, all those couples who choose a different path from the ‘normal’ couples we are measured against, need to continue to say loudly “MY RELATIONSHIP IS AS VALID AS EVERYONE ELSE’S – IT’S JUST A BIT DIFFERENT”.

Love your work Sharon and thanks for the chance to share (and shout) my message in solidarity with you.

APARTners Forever !!

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