Voices unite…..

Having been in the space of non-traditional couple behaviour for a few years, I’ve noticed an increase in a broader discussion around couples making choices about how they manage their relationship.

While we’ve grown to socially sanction couples who:

  • live together without being married
  • have children together without being married
  • are of the same gender, but in a committed and open relationship

We still seem to have an issue with couples who:

Why is that as a social group, we can’t seem to understand that being ‘joined at the hip’ DOES NOT always equal relationship success?

Why is it that we feel so challenged by couples who define their life outside a fairly narrow and limiting construct?

Why do we care so much if others choose to live their lives differently to us? What’s the problem with difference?

Well, if you are a couple (or one part of a couple) who wants to break free of the ‘traditional’ behaviours we’ve been told come along with being in a partnership, AND feel comfortable and confident in your decision, be heartened….. there is a shift in the relationships space-time continuum.

Get ready to ride the wave of defining how YOU want YOUR relationship to work.

One person leading the charge and on the top of that wave waving her arms and raising her voice about redefining relationships is Canadian documentary film maker Sharon Hyman.

Sharon is currently producing a documentary called Apartners. (Check out the site.)


Sharon “has been living happily ever apart from her beau David for almost two decades and coined the term Apart♡ners to describe this arrangement”.

The documentary is based on the notion that “there is a revolution brewing in the love department and Hyman is riding the wave of a major demographic shift as people search for new ways to keep love alive and passion growing.”


It’s revolutions that change society. It’s revolutions that overturn old ways and behaviours that no longer work. It’s revolutions that bring freedom.

(Luckily Sharon lives in Montreal, Canada – where the immediate French connection means her revolution heritage is strong)

Would you want to take on this fearsome chick? I think not!

Sharon Hyman

Most fortunately, I am heading to Montreal in May next year and am SO looking forward to meeting Sharon and uniting our voices (and singing revolutionary songs no doubt) to shout louder about every couple’s right to feel empowered, not embarrassed, about defining their relationship the way they want.

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