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‘Sleep Apart, Stay Together’… why of course!

Bed manufacturer Sealy (in the UK) has released the findings of a recent study into British sleep habits.   While one could be a little cynical about a bed manufacturer espousing the benefits of couples sleeping separately, the stats of 36% of couples sleeping separately (even sometimes) does confirm the broad trends I discovered while […]

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To sleep, or not to sleep? That IS the question….

(I feel the need to share that this is the first post I have attempted from not only my iPad, but from a remote location. Hoi An, Vietnam, nonetheless, as I enjoy three weeks away with my lovely husband.) Even though I am placing a good deal of confidence in my skills of posting from

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(Steve) Harvey Schmarvey…

Oh Oprah! You need to re-think who you are inviting on your show to give advice. While not super recent, this little video advice snippet has popped up again and pricked at my delicate heckles all over again. Steve Harvey (for the uninitiated) is described by our friends at Wikipedia as an ‘American comedian, television

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Let’s talk about sleep baby…

“Let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be….” (Minor apologies to Salt-N-Peppa) While a commitment at 48 mins and 57 secs this discussion on Radio Times  this discussion delves well into some familiar themes of the separate sleeping debate.

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You’re kidding me….

As if the popular/celebrity media doesn’t use the ‘separate bed’ scenario enough to indicate trouble in a relationship, now it’s the sports media. Case in point – over the last week there have been multiple articles questioning if Jessica Simpson and new husband Eric Johnson are already ‘sleeping in separate beds’ (inhale great gasp of

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The million dollar question…

Why do we sleep? It’s actually a tough question that ‘science’ has yet to provide a definitive answer for.  An article in the Huffington Post is claiming to have the answers. And based on the reasonable comprehensive research I undertook when writing ‘Sleeping Apart not Falling Apart’, the connections are logical. It makes sense doesn’t

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Strictly sleeping….

Strictly sleeping….. The Queen and Prince Phillip….. Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter…. Kanye and Kim Kardashian…. Me and my husband….. We’re all sleeping separately. And now it turns out the uber cool Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin are doing it too. Who else wants to join this CHIC and SENSIBLE club? (I do love

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