Sage Advice?

An article today in the UK’s Daily Mail starts with some vague references to vague studies about how couples who sleep together live longer, and follows that with ‘a recent study’ which found women who sleep with a partner have lower levels of cortisol and are therefore less stressed than single women who sleep alone.

I’d like to bet it was research conducted by mature men, because I read a ‘recent study’ that said they “tend to be the most averse to separate sleeping”.

I’d also like to bet that Jenny Hislop and Sara Arber probably have something to say about this research – based on their research into how women lose more sleep from a disruptive partner than the partner does (follow me??).

In fairness, maybe the journalist meant to write that a ‘recent study’ found that SOME women who sleep with a partner live longer and have lower levels of cortisol. I’ll pop her an email with a friendly suggestion.

However, the main purpose of the article was to provide a range of sensible and practical advice about how to manage some of the more common disruptive behaviours of a bed partner.

So if you are one of the throng of folk who struggle through each, some or most nights, frustrated and flumoxed by your partner’s bed antics, I do hope for you some solutions for your ills.

Or, you could check out a number of the comments at the end of the article, and follow some wise folk’s advice and sleep separately.

Now that’s sage!

the happy couple

4 thoughts on “Sage Advice?”

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    1. Jennifer Adams

      Hi Anna. Are you wanting to sleep separately when your husband returns from work? If so, maybe there is a middle ground for both of you. If your husband wants to sleep together, maybe you could do so when he first returns and then negotiate time in your own bed towards the end of his trip? At least you have the time when he is away to get some good sleep. Jenny

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