Looks like reality is indeed keeping up with the Kardashians….. and our friendly Yeezus – Kanye West. If one is to believe a certain weekly goss mag in Australia (Woman’s Day), it turns out that reality royals, Kim and Kanye can’t slip between the sheets each night because of snoring issues….. just like us MERE

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Can sleeping separately ‘save your marriage’?????

Well…… maybe. It really depends which parts need saving to be honest. I would never suggest that separate sleeping is a cure all to relationship issues (for those married or otherwise), but it certainly can save your sanity if your partner disrupts your sleep and you are suffering as a result. And following that thought

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On keeping oneself ‘fresh’….

So it turns out that the Queen and Prince Phillip aren’t the only royals who have outed themselves as separate sleepers. Princess Michael of Kent recently disclosed in an interview with The Sunday Times how sleeping separately from her husband keeps them ‘fresher for each other’. (Unfortunately one has to subscribe to The Sunday Times

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