Who’s a clever little bed…..

I have written before about smart devices that measure your nightly sleeping experiences by being placed on the mattress, wrapped around the mattress, worn on the body or worn on the wrist.

But I do like my latest discovery.

Smart beds.

Who’d have thunk. Well, obviously someone did and for quite some time it seems. It’s just taken me this long to make the discovery. Turns out that a brief scan of the WWW revealed two smart beds – both claiming to tackle a disturbing snorer – should you find yourself with one in close proximity.

(Don’t do it….. go to another room!! Who said that?)

Anyway…. we have the Sleep Number x12


Click on the picture to ‘See it in action’ and find out why it’s “probably the best bed in the world”. Them’s big words.

Must admit, I was impressed with the sleek video and would love to have a bed that carried out actions as I asked it to.

“Phone work and tell them I’ll be late….”

“Tell my husband to come through and see me…… now”

You know, the important stuff you expect a bed to do for you. Well, the stuff I would like to think came as standard with an $8000 bed. But maybe my expectations are a little lofty. As always, I do love all the techno add ons that would tell me about how, where on the bed, and for how long I slept each night. Can’t get me enough of that important data.

The BBC has a great story and video review of the x12 too.

Huff Post Tech has done a review too.

So have quite a few other sites that a quick Google will assist you with.

An ad for the Sleep Number x12 drew a sad comment, lamenting the demise in people’s memories of the Starry Night Bed.