Keeping your brain clean…..

A most interesting article from the NY Times. More proof of the brain’s ability to clean itself when we sleep and how important this process is if you want your brain to stay in ‘tip top’ condition.

I found the par below most interesting. Even though the article does not mention the impact a disruptive partner can have on sleep, if you are constantly losing (I like to suggest SACRIFICING) sleep because of your partner, you may want to read the article and have a long, hard think about how you are prioritising your needs, and your HEALTH.

“The Journal of Neuroscience, the Veasey lab found that while our brains can recover quite readily from short-term sleep loss, chronic prolonged wakefulness and sleep disruption stresses the brain’s metabolism. The result is the degeneration of key neurons involved in alertness and proper cortical function and a buildup of proteins associated with aging and neural degeneration.”

Happy cleaning…..

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