Want more sex??

Get more sleep.

Pardon the simplicity, but it’s true.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine has published a study that show’s there’s a direct relationship between how much sleep you have and your sexual desire the next day.

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I have been asked a gazillion times (or just a few times less) about the effect that sleeping separately has on a couple’s sex life. The answer….. generally not much. It’s true that you limit the ‘wake up and find each other in bed sex’ opportunities, which is unfortunate, but sleeping separately does not = no sex. I’ve always struggled to understand how a couple can genuinely enjoy the intimate aspects of their relationship when they are sleep deprived. I must say it never worked for me.

In writing my book, I certainly heard time and time again from couples I interviewed that sleeping apart has minimal impact on their sex lives. A more common response was that sex became more intentional, and women particularly told me how they felt more like sex after a good night’s sleep. This was in stark contrast to harbouring feelings of resentment (and potentially a desire to harm their partner) after a night spent being kept awake because of a partner’s snoring or other disruptive bed behaviours.

A report of the study on The Vine quotes Dr David Kalmbach, the lead author of the study – “I think the take-home message should not be that more sleep is better, but that it is important to allow ourselves to obtain the sleep that our mind and body needs”. Other findings from the study are reported on the Well section of the New York Times.

So while you might think that heading to a separate bed = disaster for your sex life, the truth may be quite the opposite.

A healthy body AND a healthy mind will always put you in a position to enjoy your more aspects of your life.

And as it turns out, that includes sex.

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  1. I’ve noticed this with my partner and I. I’m not entirely shocked by the results of this study. It seems kind of like common sense that more sleep = more desire to have sex. right?

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