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In case anyone out there was looking for another reason to convince themselves (or a loved one) that sleep is JUST SOOOO IMPORTANT, here’s another talk from another of those wise TED folk.

This particular ‘wise folk’ is Jeff Iliff, a neuroscientist.

While we know (or if we don’t, we know now know and will be inspired to find out more) that sleep supports a range of restorative processes, scientist have discovered another one. The ‘housekeeping’ process discussed in the video is linked to a cleaning process that removes amyloid beta, which Jeff explains a build up of, is a “key step” in the development of Alzheimers.

Humans were designed to be awake and be asleep. To stay healthy, we shouldn’t mess with this design feature. Yet, some of us continue to ignore our personal housekeeping chores.

Is your house in order?


PS Here’s a link to quick little article on the Science Alert site that talks about the build up of amyloid plaques and new techniques in curing alzheimers by ‘cleaning’ the brain.

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