Another vote for getting a good night’s sleep…

Sleep is a recurring topic among the ubiquitous TED Talks we know and love. And though this one’s vintage in 2010, I do love any sensible media that champions the humble activity of sleep and how important it is.

Given by Jessa Gamble and focussing primarily on the cultural impacts on our natural sleep rhythms, there are two quotes in particular to which I found myself nodding along to in solidarity.

Jessa notes that sleepĀ  is “a huge driver for culture and (in her option) is the most underrated force on our behaviour”.


(just in case you missed it the first time)

Jessa also talks about when people have a full and restful sleep cycle the surge of prolactin makes them feel so awake that they “experiencing true wakefulness” for the first time in their life.

So with a culture that throws all sorts of obstacles at our ability to get a good night’s sleep (including having to share a bed with someone who keeps us awake) how is your behaviour being affected by your inability to get a “good night’s sleep”

Just a thought….

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