The D.I.V.O.R.C.E. that can get you more S.E.X.

You might think this is a cheap attempt at an attention-grabbing headline….. and maybe I’m a little guilty of that.

But it’s also true.

However, before we go any further I do need to clarify that I am not talking about a traditional, end-it-all, our-marriage-is-over, divorce. I’m talking about a sleep divorce.

(I’ve written before about how I’m not all that comfortable with the term sleep divorce, but I think I’m going to have to bend to common parlance, and accept the phrase.)

A ‘sleep divorce’ simply means sleeping in separate beds. Maybe I would be more comfortable with a ‘sleep separation’ as it sounds less final. But whatever terminology is used, the reality is that if you are sleeping separately from your partner because they are disruptive (snoring, watching devices, stealing blankets, breathing too loud) you are probably feeling more rested and therefore happier and healthier each day.

And this is where the SEX comes in. (sorry it took so long to get there)

When you get a good night’s sleep, you simply feel better. Your body is rested and re-generated, your mood will be improved, you won’t be a slave to cravings for sugar and carb-loaded food, your bloody pressure will be down – you are likely to just feel more like you. And more like a functioning human.

When you get a good night’s sleep you are far less likely to harbour major resentment against your partner who kept you awake with their snoring, blanket hogging etc., etc., and you are less likely to be cranky with them and less likely to want to hold your hands around their throat for an extended period of time.

So…….. when you don’t resent your partner, you’re not angry at them for keeping you awake all night, and you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally better…… there is a chance that when you look at that partner you fell in love with and decided to share space with (especially that small square of space in your bedroom) you may actually want to have sex with them.

That leaves a BIG question then for all those couples who continue to struggle to sleep in a bed together every night.

Wouldn’t you prefer to divorce your sleeping locations each, or some, nights so you can sleep well, rather than divorcing each other permanently because your relationship has broken down?

Personally, I think a sleep divorce is better than a marital divorce?

But that’s just me!

And……… if the sleep divorce comes along with more sex, then why waste one more minute! Get that spare room made up with good sheets, a bedside table with a lamp and space to store your stuff, and then send your partner a naughty text, inviting them to your place for……….

The rest is up to you.

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