For the unbelievers (the tired, selfish ones)

A quickie…… just in case you’re feeling a bit selfish at having to spend some of your precious time reading this post. Time, that should have been yours to do with what you want.

Am I confusing some people? Well, be confused no more.

A research scientist at the University of Berkley California has discovered that a lack of sleep can make you selfish.

The scientist studied 60 couples aged 18 to 56. Each person in the couple kept a diary which recorded how many hours they slept each night as well as how much they appreciated their other half.

The couples also took part in an experiment whereby they were asked to work together in problem-solving tasks. I am sure you can guess where this post is going…… yep! The couples who had more sleep played much, much nicer together than the couples that didn’t.

(If you have the time to spare, you can read the press release here.)

Hello Scientist Professor person at University of Berkley, California!!

All you had to do was call me and I could have told you that. Of course, if you are well rested, you are more rational, friendly, and sensible (not to mention intelligent and good looking). And when you are all these things you just play nicer with everyone else – especially those closest to you.

I am off now to get the contact details of Gordon (obviously her surname as this scientist is a she), the so-called ‘scientist’, to extract enough money from her research grant to buy her a copy of my book. Me thinks she will be releasing a second edition of her Ph.D., adding a chapter called ‘The Solution’.

I can hear her revelatory “aaahhhhhh” drifting out of the windows of the psychology block at Berkley from here.

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