Come to the edge…

Many, many years ago I was going overseas with a friend Jill, for my seven week summer holiday (I was a teacher then). Jill was going for the well-worn path of a year overseas and kept asking me to stay over for longer with her. But…. I had a boyfriend and a job I really liked and wasn’t ready to give these two up – especially the boyfriend.

Then the boyfriend gave me up.

So I applied for a year’s leave without pay. Unfortunately my principal at the time was not ‘on board’ with the need to ease my broken heart by gamboling through Europe with my worldly possessions strapped to my back.

He refused my leave application. I was very sad and also quite angry as the head office of my employer had approved my leave – he had just decided not to. I didn’t really like him.

Faced with a major dilemma – quit my job (ahhhh!!!! – who resigns from a good job?) (not me – I can tell you that!) or miss out on a beckoning adventure with a really good friend and stay put – I had some serious thinking to do.

60 Minutes to the rescue! I know…. a bit hard to both believe, but true. A story, that’s content or purpose eludes me completely, used this quote in its narrative.

Come to the edge.
“We can’t. We’re afraid.”
Come to the edge.
“We can’t. We will fall!”
Come to the edge.
And they came.
And he pushed them.
And they flew.

The quote is by Guillaume Apollinaire. And I love him for it. As I listened, I knew I needed to fly. So I walked in to the principal’s office the next day and resigned. I was petrified. After he happily accepted my resignation I walked back to the staff room in a shocked stupor and told my friend what I had done – we were both speechless for a while.

What had I done?????

Fast forward a couple of decades and the decision to jump and fly provided me with the best year of my life – ever, ever, ever! Seriously – it was the best year of my life. I have some great experiences since then, but nothing comes close to the year I carried my worldly possessions strapped to my back around Europe with Jill.

So… what does this story have to do with sleeping separately from your partner? A fine question dear reader.

My book will be available to buy in 7 weeks! How exciting is that? While I have been counting the months, and now weeks until the book is released, I was back to the shocked stupor state when my husband found the book available for pre-order on a few sites (and now available to put ‘on hold’ at the Marrickville Library, Sydney).

When the idea to write the book was first formed, it did seem a bit hard and a bit risky. Would anyone be interested in my opinions about a personal decision my husband and I made every night when we headed to bed?

But again in the spirit of ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ I headed down the path to write a book. Are you serious? Me, write a book? As it turns out…… yes, I could.

I am hoping this will be an excellent adventure too. And interestingly, Jill has been heavily involved in this journey too. She is my No. 1 editor and sounding board. It’s almost a bit poetic. I love it.

If you are interested in pre-ordering or reserving a copy of ‘Sleeping Apart Not Falling Apart: How to get a good night’s sleep and keep your relationship alive’ ahead of 1 April….. here’s a range of sites that can help you.

Fishpond Australia    

Google Books


Angus and Robertson


Avenue Bookstore

Pages and Pages

Or, if you live in Marickville, Sydney and want to place a hold on one of the 3 copies at the local library:

Marickville Library

I hope you will forgive me for my shameless and blatant self promotion. But I have gone to the edge again, jumped again, and am feeling a little excited about another adventure that is unfolding.

Life’s great isn’t it!

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