Alertness, Safety and Productivity – now get to sleep!

I discovered today that the Australian Government has invested $14.5m to conduct research into the effects of sleep deprivation on the safety, productivity and health of Australians.

My question is – will the research consider the effects on sleep deprivation of a disturbing partner? Alongside all the other clinically recognised sleep disorders – a disruptive partner is RARELY included as a genuine sleep disruption.

WRONG!    WRONG!!     WRONG!!!    WRONG!!!!    WRONG!!!!!

It’s about time this VERY REAL health issue is able to sit legitimately alongside issues such as sleep apnoea and insomnia and be taken just as seriously.

(And I’m not getting down!)

Here’s a link to some info from Monash University in Melbourne about the study.

I will continue to be alert, safe and productive. Why? Because I get a good night’s sleep every night in my own bed. Now where is my good citizen award?

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