Big shiny new sleep thing..

I have spoken before of my addiction to the app Sleep Cycle.  After 417 nights of sleep monitoring, I know really cool things such as:

  • I sleep an average of 7hrs 32mins a night
  • The total time in bed over these 417 days has been 18.7 weeks
  • Shortest night of sleep was 9 May 2013 – 4hrs 56mins
  • Longest night was 29 September 2012 – 9hrs 38mins
  • Best night’s sleep was 14 April 2012 – 100% sleep effectiveness

Gripping stuff – I know.

But now……. THERE’S AN EVEN BETTER WAY of finding out how you slept last night.

And it’s called BEDDIT. It’s shiny, and new, and I want one.


Check it out.


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