Separate sleeping rocks…..

And if you don’t believe me, just check out the comments section in response to an article about separate sleeping on slate.com – an American daily, online magazine.

I have highlighted the response to the article as it’s one of the highest response rates I’ve seen for an article about separate sleeping (and there are quite a few folks.)

What warms the ‘cockles of my well-rested heart’ the most, is the overwhelming positive response to the article. And not only in the “you go girl” vein, but REALLY sensible responses to why whether you and your partner sleep separately should be anyone else’s business.

Even though I commented once, I want to join in again I posted a comment early after its publication and I am drawn to offer my enthusiastic support a second time. I don’t think that’s good commenting etiquette though so I’m exercising restraint.

The flip side of the positive commenters is the number of separate sleeping ‘poo-poo-ers’ that are having their ‘couples must sleep in the same bed’ opinions politely challenged. (Separate sleepers are such a well-mannered and erudite bunch!)

After 24 hours, the article is still drawing responses and I can’t help but coming back to the page to check out the latest threads.

You GO, you separate sleepers and keep the world on notice that our relationships are just as valid, vital and FANTASTIC as all those co-sleepers.

Time for a high five me thinks!


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