If only…..

As part of the ongoing research for my book, I trawl through many, many websites. Yesterday I was poking around on YouTube and came across a video from The Better Sleep Council that renders my whole thesis and reason for writing redundant. Oops.

If only……!!!

If only I could have the same the Pollyanna approach to my problems of sleeping with my husband.

If only they had not recognised that you might want to possibly move to another room if ear plugs don’t work if you sleep with a snorer in a ‘very-fast-blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ kind of way. 

If only I didn’t quite like their sleep facts chart I could be a bit more dismissive.

And if only I didn’t triple love this offering in their Press Resources Artwork section!

Finally, if only, I could change the logo to suit my thoughts on the issue……

If only I could say ‘thank you The Better Sleep Council’ for helping me find my voice in a quirky logo and 5 mins on Photoshop.

(PS     If only Lissa could spell her name sensibly)
(PPS   If only Zombieitis was a real word)


2 thoughts on “If only…..”

  1. I’m wondering in the 9 yrs. you’ve been married if your husband has been to a sleep specialist. Practically every snorer has sleep apnea. It is a condition where the patient quits breathing in their sleep for several seconds to a minute several times a night. It’s a very serious and sometimes deadly condition. Usual treatment: CPAP machine that the patient wears at night to keep them from quitting breathing and no snoring.

    1. Hi Lacie

      Thanks for the comment and suggestion. My husband has been diagnosed with sleep apnoea after spending a night in a sleep clinic. He wears a ‘snoreguard’ that has addressed the sleep apnoea, but unfortunately he still snores rather loudly. We were both excited when he was diagnosed and fitted with the guard, but then a little deflated when it didn’t completely stop the snoring. The good thing is that he feels better now and from a health perspective he is in a better place – but we are still in the same place as far as separate bedrooms go. I always resile myself to the fact that this is an aspect of our relationship that we just have to manage and solve, because so much of the rest of our relationship is so great. You just can’t have everything I guess. Jenny

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