Fat women and stupid men…

Another article about separate sleeping has popped up in the UK. It’s a good one too, written by Tim Lott.

Titled Are Separate Bed the Key to a Good Night’s Sleep? I like that the article has a good discussion about the health detriments that can result from lack of sleep (hence the title of the post).

The relationship between lack of sleep and weight gain is well documented and a recent NY Times articles explains it well.

Lost Sleep Can Lead to Weight Gain

I can personally attest to craving carbs and sugars far more when I am tired. I ate far too many McDonald hotcake meals in my early 20s due to big nights out, followed by a few hoursĀ sleep. I still think about pancakes with maple syrup when I am tired in the morning, or will add a muffin to my morning coffee if I am feeling particularly weary.

Does this happen to you?

As for the stupid men….. Tim Lott refers to a 2006 Austrian study that found lack of sleep reduced men’s brainĀ  power. As he outlines…

Studies at the University of Vienna in 2006 showed that sharing a bed with a partner, for men specifically, reduces brain power. They performed worse in cognitive tests than when they slept alone. Again, this was due to lack of sleep (for some reason it didn’t affect the women in the same way).

So this is why we get fat and men get stupid. Not a good scene.

stupid man

fat woman








What’s to be done?

I offer a solution. If you don’t get enough sleep sharing with your partner, think about separate rooms.

Get out !!!! (I hear you say)

It’s a simple solution, and one that I just may have offered before. But, hey…. sometimes it takes one little voice a few times to get a BIG message across.

So if you want to be slimmer and smarter. Get your own room!

Is my bow drawn too long on this one?? To be seen.


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