Advice for the modern couple….

If (as a single person enjoying all the luxuries of your own bed and bedroom) you have been lying awake in bed at night wondering what the Top 5 ‘turn offs’ and ‘favourite’ things to do in bed if you are about to share with a new partner…..

Wonder. No. More.

Ergoflex’s latest investigation into sleep habits of our UK friends looked at the sensitive subject of sharing a bed with a new partner, and the different ways in which sleep quality can be affected by this new arrangement.

And to assist those of us who are way too busy to read old fashioned and pesky sentences and paragraphs – here’s a great summary in chart form.

Ergoflex Bed Sharing Guide for New Relationships – An infographic by the team at Ergoflex Bed Sharing Guide

So… you have had a warning about green clouds of redolent gasses.

My advice. Fight for your own bed. And you still get to enjoy Favourites 1, 2 and 3.

How thoroughly modern.

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