Are you ready for World Sleep Day…… ?


Friday, 14 March is World Sleep Day.

It’s exciting stuff!

A whole day dedicated to reminding people how important sleep is. It’s both inspired and inspiring.

Organised by the World Association of World Medicine, this year’s theme is


(The pedant in me is marginally irked by the slogan not being explained in order, but hey…)

For me, the restful sleep part of the theme is of most interest. How do YOU make sure YOU are getting enough RESTFUL sleep each night if you share your bed with a person who disturbs your sleep?

And if you aren’t getting enough RESTFUL sleep, what implications does that have for YOU, YOUR partner, and YOUR relationship? I would suggest it may be having a significant enough impact that reviewing your sleeping choices could be a worthwhile activity.


for World Sleep Day 2014, I challenge you to live your sleep desires. If this is in a bed with your partner on silk sheets, or sleeping outside in a hammock on a warm night, or cuddling up with your fluffy dog, OR…. sleeping in a room by yourself….


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    The sleep disorder has evolved into a global epidemic, which affects to nearly half of the world’s population – is said at the World Sleep Day in Budapest, initiated by the World Association of Sleep Medicine. The Hungarian partner of international this association, the Budapest Sleep Center/ Benyovszky Medical Center confirm on the basis of national research: Hungarian sleep worse than the European avarage.
    A World Sleep Day is an annual event to be held, which aims to call the attention for the importance of the restful sleep.
    Hungary plays a prominent role in the international movement: the World Association of Sleep Medicine recently rewarded the activity made on this area with an excellence prize.The consequences of stress, excessive workload, unhealthy lifestyle are not only the shortening of expected age, but several illness, and a tragic traffic accident inducing maybe. The lifestyle and the sleep circumstances have a significant effect on the quality of the sleep.
    Hungarian experts – including neurologists, sleep therapists, allergist and orthopaedic specialists – worked out the sleep qualification system, the beds and sleeping places are objectively evaulated based on this. Based on that system they look for the sleep friendly hotels of the world, and evaluate the best ones.
    In 2014, the Four Seasons Hotels and Resort got Sleepfirendly Hotel certification. Mr. György G. Németh, the president of Sleepfriendy Program, Mr. Richard Robert Kiss, the CEO of Sleepfriendly Hotel Program and Mr. Ákos Niklai, chairman of the Hotel & Restaurant Association of Hungary gave the certification to Mr. Yves Giacometti the managing director of the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest.
    For the first time, the Pharma Nord and Billerbeck company also received recognition for exemplary work of promoting the sleep culture.
    The healing work of sleep diagnostics and sleep therapy is high quality in Hungary. The numbers of domestic specialists are few but they are internationally recognized and they organized around sleep centers. Most of those centers are accredited sleep laboratory and meet the high quality requirements of the European Sleep Societies. (Source: World Sleep Day Hungary)
    (Informacio: World Sleep Day Hungary; Contact: György G. Németh ; E-mail: gngy@gngy.eu ; T.: 00 36 30/ 9 30 41 24)

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