sleeping habits, cats and pyjamas…

Sleeping habits, cats and pyjamas…

(I just can’t type ‘pajamas’ – every fibre of my UK English upbringing forbids and prevents it – apologies to the original author)

An interesting take on ‘research’ into the differing sleep habits of men and women. (We just can’t stop being intrigued can we?)

The article is ostensibly selling the UP system – a wrist band and app that monitor your sleeping and waking habits. I’m a big fan of apps and gadgets that measure and monitor sleep behaviours, and would be delighted to have and use the band – but I have to stop myself or I would buy them all.

The study itself is a good read and I will follow for updates. You may choose to too.

And oh, that last line….. Sleep together, sleep apart. Sleep well.

I love the DataArt folk already.

Grab your cat, slip into your jammies and enjoy.


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